01 avril 2015


Châteauneuf de Contes - Alpes-Maritimes - July 2014

La solitude est agréable. L'isolement ne l'est pas.
{Anna Neagle}
Solitude is pleasant. Loneliness is not.

6 commentaires:

Babzy a dit…

J'adore la danse du ciel :)

Joy a dit…

A beautiful sky

Thérèse a dit…

Un beau solo!

Powell River Books a dit…

Love the blue sky with wispy clouds. Sometimes I like to be alone and do things my own way. It's a nice change of pace. - Margy

Roger Owen Green a dit…

Though alone isn't always lonely!

scotfot a dit…

It has indeed been a long time! What a great sky - my sort of sky!