29 mai 2020


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Sunset over France seen from Soldano - Liguria - Italy - July 2017

Evenings are the beautiful sweet spot 
between the harsh light of the day and the dead darkness of the night.
Les soirées sont le point de rencontre idéal 
entre la lumière crue du jour et l'obscurité mortelle de la nuit.

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6 commentaires:

Stevenson Q a dit…

This entry is glorious! Look at that Gold like showering us all with blessings! Happy Skywatch and enjoy the weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ a dit…

I love your beautiful golden sky!!

Spare Parts and Pics a dit…

Beautiful shot!

Lady Fi a dit…

Wow! Gorgeous!

Paspii a dit…

Lovely Golden Light!

Nanchi a dit…

Beautiful shot!