09 février 2016


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Vernazza - Cinque Terre - Italy - August 2013

Traveling : it leaves you speechless
then turns you into a storyteller.
(Ibn Battuta)
Voyager : cela vous laisse sans voix
puis vous transforme en conteur d'histoires.

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Melody Steenkamp a dit…

le sort integre parfaitement a la image!

Bonjour et de la semaine ABC
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

Jeannie Marie a dit…

I love to travel! Great photo and the quote is oh so true!

Hildred a dit…

What a lovely, appealing spot.

photowannabe a dit…

What an amazing view living out on the rock.

Leslie: a dit…

What a stunning shot! I was there in2006 and got a shot of the place from the boat looking into the city from the water. I'd love to go back some day!

abcw team

Photo Cache a dit…

My mouth waters each time I see any shot of Cinque Terre.


Roger Owen Green a dit…



EG CameraGirl a dit…

I like that you were hight up looking down when you made this photo.

Nicol Carm a dit…

Beautiful view!

Anonyme a dit…

it was peaceful and lovely scenery.

Ira a dit…

Scenic beauty with serenity!

Gemma Wiseman a dit…

Wonderful view of this magical coastline. Love the dotted colours of the buildings.