31 janvier 2016


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Qaraouin sea of sand - White Desert - Egypt - November 2012

If your mind is full of unsatisfied desires,
you'll never understand Zen
{Robert Allen}
Si votre esprit est empli de désirs insatisfaits,
jamais vous ne comprendrez le zen.

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4 commentaires:

Magical Mystical Teacher a dit…

This looks like a scene right out of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in Southern California. Amazing!


Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio a dit…

In addition to the beautiful lines and shadows in your dune images, the other thing that amazes me is that there is never a footprint in those images.

Ralph a dit…

I love the shadows on top of the dune, instead of the usual underneath. Great effect!

Gemma Wiseman a dit…

These desert sands are an amazing golden yellow rimmed with stark shadow patterns.