27 novembre 2014


Ao Nang - district of Krabi - Thailand - August 2014

Porter son attention au Présent,
ce n'est pas nier ce qui est nécessaire;
c'est reconnaître l'essentiel.
{Eckhart Tolle}
To pay attention to the present moment
is not denying what is necessary;
it's to recognize what is essential.

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4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

How very lovely!

Stanley Hattman a dit…

I had to enlarge the image to see the orange... nice and subtle.. and to see the many interesting details. I love the mood, sky and rippling waves. The lighting created a difficult task, but you did an excellent job in capturing the scene. Kudos!

Laura a dit…

A beautiful moment to be wide awake and present!

Mridula a dit…

A lovely click, I got very little time at Ao Nang as I was staying away from the place.