28 septembre 2014


near Chiang Mai - Thailand - August 2014

La patience est aussi une forme d'action.
{Auguste Rodin}
Patience is also a form of action.

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Gemma Wiseman a dit…

A fascinating structure. Being so open, it could not be a home but maybe some storage area?

Magical Mystical Teacher a dit…

This little structure would make a great place for meditation.

Desert Shadows

namaki a dit…

Gemma it's a little place where you can buy some bananas and fruits for the elephants. We were on a trek in Thailand

robin. a dit…

I agree with MMT, great place for meditation!!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio a dit…

and a good way to build virtue, I say.
Lovely place-makes me wish I was there right now!

Thérèse a dit…

Un bon observatoire a la croisee des chemins.