09 avril 2014


"M" for Mountains

The Pyrenean Mountains - July 2011

Je suis incapable de concevoir l'infini,
et pourtant,  je n'accepte pas la finitude.
{Simone de Beauvoir}
I am incapable on conceiving infinity,
and yet I do not accept finity.

6 commentaires:

Roger Owen Green a dit…

Looks almost like a painting!

Arnd a dit…

Great shot with lovely layers of mountains fading in the distance and beautiful pastel tones!

K V V S MURTHY a dit…

Meaningful capture...!

Nonnie USA a dit…

c'est tres magnifique! merci.

Thérèse a dit…

Toutes ces nuances! Magnifique. On a envie de se mettre a l'aquarelle.

AmitAag a dit…

Breathtakingly beautiful!
...and the quote makes it even more meaningful!