10 novembre 2013


early morning in Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre - Italy - August 2013
Quand vous vous levez le matin,
pensez au privilège précieux que vous avez d'être vivant,
de respirer, penser, apprécier, aimer.
{Marc Aurèle}
When you arise in the morning,
think what precious privilege it is to be alive,
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

8 commentaires:

eileeninmd a dit…

Lovely view and a beautiful quote. Have a happy day!

Our photos a dit…

Beautiful are your shadow photo!
Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

Ruth Kelly a dit…

That is such a beautiful place - have a wonderful Sunday.

Nonnie USA a dit…

cette vue...magnifique! je veux visiter ici!

Nonnie USA a dit…

as young people say, "my bad!" meaning I forgot to tell you how much value I find in Aurele's quote! I am grateful for each day!

Arnd a dit…

An image of great beauty and an excellent quote to go with it!

JMS* a dit…

Marc Aurèle, je suis bien d'accord… quelle chance d'être vivant et de créer de belles images.

Gemma Wiseman a dit…

A magical quotation. And that scene certainly promotes community living on a hillside. Everyone gets a view.