24 septembre 2013


Bordeaux - Aquitaine - September 2011
Allez chercher le bonheur.
Oubliez vos inhibitions et redécouvrez la vie.
{David Baird}
Do go out looking for happiness.
Forget your inhibitions and rediscover life.

5 commentaires:

Ralph a dit…

This place feels so eclectic and fun - who could resist stopping in for a meal. This place allow us to be uninhibited in our life - and relax a bit and be carefree until at least after desert that is :)

Jim a dit…


Thérèse a dit…

Cela veut-il dire qu'il n'y a que des comptoirs à l'intérieur?
Bien amusant.

Gemma Wiseman a dit…

This lively place looks intent on overturning the usual. What an exciting idea. Fascinating photo.

Arnd a dit…

Wonderful decorative still life, Namaki! Love how you integrated your name in the advertising sign.