10 mai 2013


Los Padres National Forest - California - July 2012 
On ne s'élève pas en tirant les autres vers le bas.
Les amis sont faits pour se hisser les uns les autres vers le haut.
{David Baird}
There is no height to be gained from pulling other people down.
Friends are there to help pull each other up.

10 commentaires:

Liz a dit…

Beautiful capture. Happy sky watching.

My sky.

Sylvia K a dit…

Beautiful, peaceful skies and wonderful words to match! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Namaki!

Christines Welt! a dit…

Wow......what a beautiful composition!

Laloofah a dit…

That cloud looks like it's swan-diving!! Very graceful. :-) And I love the setting sun's golden glow behind the silhouetted trees. A lovely photo of a beautiful sky!

Thomas a dit…

This is a beautiful image, I particularly like the way the sun lights up that cloud.

Anonyme a dit…

Lovely light! And wise words too.

Light and Voices a dit…

Quote really caught my eye and so did your photograph. Nice job!
JM Illinois

Carolyn a dit…

Such a lovely quote to go with a beautiful capture! Thank you for sharing.

Mary a dit…

Love the colors! Wunderful!

Laura a dit…

oh how beautiful... so tranquil:-)