07 février 2012


Greenwich - England - July 2006
Le véritable savoir consiste à connaître l'étendue de son ignorance.
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

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Felisol a dit…

I think Pascal scornfully mentioned a book "About all there is to know".
The prime meridian is very red and visible. Yet it is a product of scientists' imagination. That imagination help us navigate and orientate all over the world.
What a wonderful contradiction.

Dhemz a dit…

very interesting!

Mrs.D a dit…

great choice! thanks for dropping by!

Ralph a dit…

The prime meridian follows am imaginary line on space. Yet we see a line created by the vertical look of the building, we see a real line (of sorts) showing us the true point of the basis of time. Very cool!

chubskulit a dit…

Quite a shot!

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Liz a dit…

Great shot. Have a fabulous week.

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Maria @ LSS a dit…

Nice Ruby find.

Gine a dit…

C'est bien trouvé, intéressant, bien commenté !

Lochinver Daily Photo a dit…

Dating from the time when Britain ruled the seas and knowing the time at sea was crucial.

LN a dit…

Plus qu'à remettr les compteurs à zéro.

Patti a dit…

Bonjour! C'est interessant, cette photo.

Alors, quelle heure est-il?


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Emille a dit…

You caught it well (for RT)
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JMS* a dit…

Je retiens surtout la parole de Conficius

Leah H. a dit…

Love your quote!

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wifetoalineman02 a dit…

beautiful sign hanging on the door
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