21 octobre 2011


Chateauneuf-Villevieille - Alpes Maritimes - October 2011
Les nuages ne flottent plus dans ma vie
pour apporter de la pluie ou précipiter des tempêtes,
mais pour apporter de la couleur aux ciels de mes couchers de soleil.
{Rabindranath Tagore}
Clouds come floating into my life,
not longer to carry rain or usher storms,
but to add color to my sunset skies.

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J Bar a dit…

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Anonyme a dit…

It has been very windy here in Ohio yesterday and today. It is also very wet and cold. The leaves are falling. The sky is a dark winter gray color. I can't seem to stay warm.

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I also liked your cloudy sky picture.

hannah a dit…

That is a bit of drama!
And yes, skyscapes are art, free for us all to enjoy and infinitely variable.

Sylvia K a dit…

Gorgeous, dramatic skies and what a terrific capture, Namaki! Really awesome! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


John Maslowski a dit…

Magnificent sky! Excellent capture, dynamic clouds, great silhouettes.

Anonyme a dit…


LN a dit…

Ciel menaçant.Tous aux abris.... mais quelle belle prise !

Arnd a dit…

A lovely quote to match a wonderful image. The clouds are spectacular!

JMS* a dit…

Un genre que tu maitrises parfaitement... la preuve.

Sivinden a dit…

Wonderful sky!