18 juillet 2011


Nous ne savons pas qui nous sommes
et pourtant nous sommes responsables de ce que nous sommes.
C'est un fait.
(Jean-Paul Sartre)
We don't know what we want
and yet we are responsible for what we are.
That is the fact.

9 commentaires:

Leora a dit…

Whatever it is (wasp?), it certainly is what it is. Is that a fact?

Wonder what plant it is as well, with it's knobby pieces.

Karen a dit…

A terrific macro, I bet that could give you a nasty sting!

lotusleaf a dit…

Great macro! I think it is a bee.

kris... a dit…

Stunning shot!

Linda Makiej a dit…

Really great shots!!

Kim, USA a dit…

I think that bee had a lot of fun getting nectar from one flower to another ^_^ Great macro shot!

Macro Monday

Jane a dit…

Fabulous macro! Such wonderful detail and lighting.

JMS* a dit…

Lumineuse macro!

lisaschaos a dit…

The lighting was perfect! Love him!!