15 octobre 2010


Encinita - California - July 2010
La félicité humaine
vient moins d'occasions grandes et rares
que des petits avantages qu'offre le quotidien.
{Benjamin Franklin}
Human felicity
is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen
as by little advantages that occur everyday.

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6 commentaires:

Bare bilder - Pictures only a dit…

So beautiful picture. Looks like a place to relax.

Have a nice weekend.


Gwendolyn L a dit…

Lovely photo. Wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing.

JMS* a dit…

Très joli panorama presque nocturne.

Kcalpesh a dit…

Thats an awesome gradient in the sky... a gradient of colors...

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Arnd a dit…

Great sunset photograph! Lovely range of colors and sense of depth.

scotfot a dit…

paradise sort of feel to this place!