26 août 2010


Oakland - California - July 2010
L'avarice, l'envie et l'orgueil:
trois étincelles fatales qui ont mis le feu aux coeurs des hommes.
{Dante - La Divine Comédie}
Avarice, envy, pride,
three fatal sparks have set the hearts of alls on Fire.

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Devika a dit…

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch

Guess, they didn't know what the fire he was talking about :)

Joke aside, in our little lives it doesn't matter a thing, Namaki, or it only matters so much....its only when world governments behave so, the outcome is dangerous,

good collection here as always...especially liked the one on art...Not to be taken seriously :)


namaki a dit…

> Devika: Thanks for your comment ! I guess dante was refering to a "destructive" fire, don't you think so too ?

Devika a dit…

Yes, very much, Namaki...And Plutarch was referring to the fire of creation - both needs fire :)

But greed, envy, pride are also natural human traits...Just takes a little compassion to understand that in others...and a realisation to control it in oneself...so that it doesn't become destructive for oneself, or others,

oh now thats a lecture...hope you don't mind; just flowed off :)


namaki a dit…

> Devika : of course I don't mind a little "lecture" now and then ;-) but as you mention it and as I understand it, compassion is the key to the heart !

Devika a dit…

;) i know i go overboard...so, tell me :)

and yes,compassion I think can save a lot of human hearts :)


jo©o a dit…

Thanks for stopping by.

I've always read it to be something like:

"..pride - greed - envy
three of the deadly sins,
sent men to burn in hell."

I so hope Dante was wrong :-)

I admit, I didn't see a connection with your image.

LN a dit…

Trois jolis péchés capitaux !

Simo a dit…

trois grand mots qui pèsent lourd ds la vie de chacun de nous.

Thérèse a dit…

Aux trois régimes proposés, je choisis l'avocat!

hpy a dit…

Les hommes n'ont guère changé depuis l'époque de la Divine Comédie.