02 juillet 2010


Gdansk - Poland - May 2010

Toutes les réalisations, toutes les richesses gagnées
ont leurs origines dans une idée.
{Napoleon Hill}
All achievements, all earned riches,
have their beginning in an idea.


11 commentaires:

Lorraine a dit…

Ouais et cette photo est une tres bonne idee! :)

Sylvia K a dit…

Beautiful building, terrific reflections and superb composition! Marvelous capture for the day, Dominique! Have a lovely weekend!


Regina a dit…

Great one!
Happy weekend reflections.

" R e g i n a "

michael a dit…

Lovely old building. Well done.

Riet a dit…

What a beautiful building and I love the reflections. have a nice weekend

awarewriter a dit…

Lovely image of a fine old building.

Greyscale Territory a dit…

An impressive, beautiful old building with lots of interesting framed reflections!

Malyss a dit…

L'immeuble est magnifique, et d'après le reflet, il n'est pas le seul..
Bon week-end!

EG Wow a dit…

The building is so attractive! I probably would have missed the reflections in the window because I'd be so fascinated by the architecture.

Francisca a dit…

Charming windows reflected in the charming windows! :-)

Dani a dit…

lovely shot.

Have a nice day!