03 juin 2008


Ne soyez pas si avide de savoir.
Ce n'est pas le savoir qui importe.
Don't be so keen on knowing things.
It's not knowing that matters.

3 commentaires:

scotfot a dit…

Excellent macro! Given your quote for the day, maybe I shouldn't coment, but the image for yesterday seems to have changed :-)

namaki a dit…

you know what ? actually this was shot with the 18-200 VR !
As for yesterday's picture, yes it has changed... it's one of my last year pupil's when we were in front of the Piping Museum in Glasgow last May... I realised it would be better for me to ask her first.. it's called the "droit de l'image" in French

scotfot a dit…

I hope you are pleased with the 18-200 VR! - How are you finding it? - I use mine for all my macro images - acceptable but not quite 1:1! It won't be a patch on your Nikkor 60 mm. We use the latter at work for flat reproduction photography because of its perfectly flat field and of course sharpness.